All HypePoint items are certified authentic. Our team of experts carefully inspect each item before delivering them to your home or selling them in store. 🙂

Does the pair arrive in its original packaging?📦

Unless otherwise stated, your pair will always arrive in its original box. Please note, however, that unfortunately the box may have been damaged. That being said, we will ensure that the pair is intact.

If a “Rep Box” or “No Box” appears after the size, please note that this means that the pair will not be in its original package . Refer to the following legend:

Rep Box: Replacement box. You will receive a box, but it will not match the original box of your shoes.

No Box: This means that the pair will arrive without a box.

How do you verify the authenticity of your products? 🔍

All items sold on our website and in stores go through two phases of authentication.

The first being with our network of expert suppliers in the field of shoe and clothing sales.

The second part is carried out in-house by our talented team trained to ensure the authenticity of each product. Several methods are used during this last verification; the UV lamp, careful inspection of the original packaging as well as the item, verification of the different reference codes of the item, etc.

We ensure that you will receive a 100% authentic product, no matter what you order from HypePoint.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a product purchased from us, we would be happy to help you. Please contact with your order number as well as some photos of the item in question

Why are your items more expensive than other distributors (Foot Locker, etc.)?

First of all, it is important to know that we have no direct affiliation with companies such as Nike, Adidas, Fear Of God, etc. Which therefore means that we do not have access to cost prices such as distributors such as Foot Locker, JD Sport and others can benefit from.

This has, among other things, an impact on the price at which we must purchase our items and as well as the price at which we must resell them. That said, we always do our best to offer the best items at the best possible prices.

What do we base our prices on? 🤔

Supply and demand. As we have items in very high demand, but there is little quantity available on the market, the price fluctuates accordingly. This is also why certain sizes of the same model are more expensive than others. Also note that our prices are mainly based on the Quebec shoe resale market.

We do our best to make our prices as competitive as possible :)